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TyMax is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working with Internet marketing programs and related SEO website optimizations that get successful results. Serving customers for over 25 years of website and SEO Internet knowledge to help you.

We help customers with consulting services, providing proven affordable Internet marketing complete campaigns. In depth solutions to digital marketing problems in all facets of the optimization of websites and related social media business.

We sit down with you, listen to what you want, then we evaluate your goals, together we work towards a successful solution. Together we implement the cost-effective Internet plan for the best outcome. Increasing your Internet sales volume in an affordable method, check out my prior work.

Helping People Understand the Internet and it's power. Providing our customers insights on how to maximize their ROI cost effectively. We are now working with primarily a welding business customer base at this time. When we do have open time, we are excepting new companies to help to get started with the power of the Internet.



TyMax Internet Consulting

We get people found…

We listen to our customers ideas, many are now friends, to find out the desired goals for the project. Furthermore, we are providing experienced consulting services to nonprofits organizations at a low cost, as a way to pay forward.

One of our early websites was for a nature photographer who loves Rowe Woods. He lives near CNC - Rowe Woods and enjoys hiking and photographing the wildlife living in the Tealtown neighborhood area.

Rowe Woods

I built a website for the Anderson Ferry back in 2006. I started the website to help Paul Anderson with the new Internet website technology and to increase is traffic. The Anderson Ferry boat company has been in business since 1817. No one really knows when people began to cross the Ohio River at what is now the Anderson Ferry crossing. The website helped increase the exposure of the Anderson Ferry to younger people who were not familiar with the ferry shortcut to the CVG airport history.

John James Anderson Ferry Captain

Weld Plus Internet Marketing in The Beginning

While working at a Weld Plus, I suggested to Jack Schroeder that Weld Plus should have a website, rather than the time-consuming faxing of the company used equipment list product list to customers all day long.
That was our marketing along with ads in published magazines. Jack liked the idea of a 24/7 website product list, and that is how Weld Plus Internet sales all started.
I went to work at night in my basement after hours to build the first website. This first Weld Plus website they used for product listing. Later I started the direct Internet sales from the website in 1997. I did this in my basement while I watched my sons play.
I wished I had spent more time with my family, now when I look back in time and my displaced priorities.

Starting the Weld Plus Inc. website while working in outside sales for the company. I knew the Internet as it was changing in the way things were going to be bought and sold by the late 1990s. I started my research on the design and construction of the website at night on my own time in 1990.

The Weld Plus digital marketing project proved to be highly successful for the Weld Plus team and helped improve the Weld Plus bottom line profitability. The idea to move Weld Plus welding from a local market-based welding supply company to a regional seller of new and used automated welding equipment in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky and beyond was a great ROI. During this time the people at Weld Plus using our website provided a rapidly expansion of the company from a local based welding supply into an international seller of products.

SEO Website Marketing Sales

Once a website is built, my goal is to keep the website ranking high in social media as well the many search engines using SEO search engine optimization.

Welding Consulting

In 2019 was the starting of working with MITUSA Products, MITUSA stands for Made in the USA, to create an Internet program after departing Weld Plus, Inc. after almost 23 years of loyal service to the company.

I suggested Internet marketing to Leo who owns MITUSA welding automation to increase sales. This welding automation solution company has out of the box thinking. They needed an Internet marketing program to grow their Internet marketing footprint. I duplicated what I accomplished with Internet sales program, which has resulted in increased sales from the Internet. Please keep in mind, Websites do not replace your sales people; the website is the door opening opportunity to show your products in services online.

TyMax Internet Consulting


Dennis Camp

The idea for TyMax website was named after my two sons Tyler and Maxwell. The idea began in the late 1980s when I was talking to Dr. Petersen from UC D.A.A.P. college at the University of Cincinnati. He was giving me welding machine product costs that I was trying to sell to him, he knew my profit margins. This was highly uncommon information outside of vendors at that time. This was inside information at that time that very few people knew.

So I thought.
When I ask Dr. Peterson how he found this information, he walked me down to the computer lab, where the students were gathering information from the Newsgroups off of the Internet about everything and anything. This is when I first felt that the Internet was going to change everything in the business world.

I worked at Wright Bros Welding from the 1977 till the mid-90s. I left in Wright Bros in 1996 to do welding automation for another company Weld Plus Inc. In 2019 during a lunch Charlie Wright, he reminded about my talking about the Internet. Charlie reminded me what I had said years earlier, I do not know why anyone would use USPS, with email being so easy to use. Charlie saw what I was seeing at the time on the Internet and how it was going to change business.

I tried some simple websites in the early 1990s using Microsoft Notepad and basic knowledge of HTML code to construct the web pages, crude as those websites were at that time. It was a learning process. Located here are some in my work area, I studied website design in the early 1990s as the Internet was growing quickly and I wanted to learn more.
I left Wright Brothers in 1996 to what later turned out, to build a business website Internet marketing program for Jack Schroeder, who owned the Weld Plus Inc,. a company where I worked in outside welding automation sales.

TyMax and Internet marketing including SEO profession began to help other people learn the power of the Internet. This is where the Archived TyMax Website is located here .
The links are from my early years when I was working in the welding automation field and blending Internet marketing with doing my photography at the same time.

Now providing Internet consulting services for customers looking to learn the power of the Internet and understand how it can help you, as I did 25 years ago. TyMax has a large, diverse base of dedicated customers that I now serve. If there is something that you want or need for your business, feel free to contact me. I like hearing from our customer and friends.