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Providing 25 years of website knowledge with a history of successful projects that provided increased profits for our customers using proven white hat SEO methods. Complement your current marketing, or a whole new Digital marketing strategy. We are not here to sell you anything, we just advise our customers.


We help make the complicated Internet into simple solution to increase your company`s digital foot print and profits. Providing cost effect strategy for a better ROI from your current digital media budget.


TyMax specializes in B2B industrial equipment and machinery based websites. Our niche is in the Internet website marketing focused on welding related companies as well as new and used machinery and digital equipment sales related programs. Our customers enjoy a strong digital Internet footprint that provides steady flow of focused customers to industrial related products and services.

Elegant websites are only nice if they are easy to find when people search for your products or services or you. SEO website optimization is the solution!



Internet Digital Marketing Solutions

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TyMax is an experienced professional with a demonstrated proven history of working with Internet marketing. We now do consulting for select customers on how to have a affordable successful Internet marketing sales campaign. Providing solutions in all facets of the SEO optimization website business.


We sit down with you and evaluate your goals, together we work towards a successful solution implementing and increasing your Internet sales volume.

SEO solutions


We provide select people and companies with in depth knowledge of the SEO optimization for their websites. Guiding them with profitable Internet sales and social media marketing plans. Helping customers establish an online presence or improving your entities internet marketing goals.


Internet marketing professional


This gives TyMax a unique experiance unlike new companies. Knowing by experiance how Internet maketing and sales started and why it became successful is invaluable. Learning internet sales from the begining and how it will enhance your current sales and marketing with this new tool called the Internet.


I knew there had to be a better way to sell than cold calling outside sales.

We no longer build websites or to do hosting of websites. Now we consult customers on how to get the best ROI from an Internet marketing sales program budget. I work with your designers or with some outside website designers in my network.


Our proven history of growing business using Internet marketing, complemented with our SEO optimization consulting. We work directly in concert with website designers and hosting companies to ensure your website is on a quality server.


We do SEO and Internet marketing work for select customers and friends. Our main focus is guiding companies and nonprofit organizations to build their Internet marketing or Internet foot print program. Contact us if you think we can help you. We are not going to try to sell you anything, but we will provide you peace of mind about your Internet digital marketing foot print.