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Some useful and helpful links to internet websites, Blogs and social media sites that can help you find information or links to interesting locations. Have Fun all links are family safe.

This page is just some of our favorite web site links. You will find some interesting new websites here. Some sites are ones we have worked on. Others are ones we just think you might will find useful. Have a Good Time!!

.Some of Our Work & Friends

Camp Safety Equipment

Cincinnati Halloween - Local Events and Information

Deer Park, Ohio - Ohio's Most Livable City 

Just Fishit Salt Water Aquariums

Anderson Ferry Web Site - A Cincinnati Tradition

Rowe Woods - Cincinnati Nature Photography Center

Tyler Camp - Writer Poet

Max Camp - Physicist 

Anderson Ferry Photography - Links to Ferry Photos

Shor Park - Clermont County Nature Preserve

Welding Equipment - Information - Sources

Koike/Aronson - Welding Positioning Solutions

Welding Equipment Org - Welding Swap Board

Bintzler Inc. Machine Designs, Welding Fabrication

Used Welding Equipment - Information Resources

Welding.Com Welding Information

Welding Training and School

MBC - Good Domestic Positioners sold through dealers.

MITUSA - Welding Automation Solutions

AWS - American Welding Society 

Weld Positioning Information - Types of Positioners

MDNA - Used Equipment Dealer Association

Small Welding Positioners - Made In The USA

Ransome Company Welding Positioning Equipment

Industrial Welding Automation - Consulting Services

The Webb Corporation - Bending -  Turning Rolls

Stinger Welding Equipment - Pipe Welding Systems

Capitol Pipe Positioners - USA Built Equipment

Welding Manipulators - USA Built Weld Head Directors

HGR - Surplus Welding Equipment

Used Welders For Sale - Second Hand Welders

Interesting Web Sites

Bored.Com If your bored its a nice place.

Beer.Com "Need we say more"

Space.Com Something new everyday!!

Gibson Research Very useful information.

No Hack Web Site Information

Zone-Alarm "Best Fire Wall"

Computer Hardware Price Compare

AVG - Excellent Security Software

PC Health Adviser - PC Hardware Software Information

Bartleby - Quotes, Poems, Novels

Lonely Planet - Travel Information

Movie Archive - Hope It Makes It


News and Useful Information

Palestine History Story  - Real History of Israel

Wired News - News and Information

Matt Drudge Report - The source for news.

Real Clear Politics - Balanced Political Information

Polictico - Politics and information

ESPN - Sports

Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati's Quaint News

Fox News Fair and Balanced News

Reuters - International News

AP NEWS - Interesting Views

Facebook - Where people gather on the internet.

Twitter - Keeping in touch digitally 

CNBC - Money and Commerce News

FOX - Business News

Cincinnati News and Information.

Cincinnati Tomorrow - Future Look

700 WLW  - The Big One

WCPO NEWS - Cincinnati Local TV NEWS

55KRC - Cincinnati Talk Radio 

Derf Magazine - A odd bit of Cincinnati, but fun.

The Clermont Sun - Our Old Local Paper

The Switch Board A place to find people.

Town Hall - NEWS from a Conservative View Point

The Onion - ALT NEWS source

Craig's Lists - Nice source for information  

The Cincinnati Herald - Focused News

City Beat Cincinnati - Entertainment  Information

Cincinnati Business Courier - Biz News

Cincinnati Hispanic News - Up to date news

Northern Kentucky Tribune - Kentucky News

Just Some Useful Links

Dr. Kelso - Archeologist who found Jamestown

Dr. William M. Kelso - Information page 

Cincinnati Nature Center

Rowe Woods - Ohio Nature Preserve

Lakeside, Ohio "A blast from the past"

Canada.Com Our friends from the north.

Roots Web Family Search

Ancestry Information Worth the money.

Roots Webs Site A good place to look back.

Farmer's Almanac - Useful Information

Amnesty International - Protecting Human Rights

Boing Boing - Interesting Information

AnnualCreditReport - Free Check Yearly


Search Engines

SmartPage - Private No Track Search

DuckDuckGo - Private Searches

IXquick - Private Searches

Google `` Search Engine, Do No Evil?"

Bing Search  Nice Results

Yahoo ``Search Portal" Bing Results

Open Directory Project - Once good tested results

Excite Search - Mostly Paid Listings

Mamma Search - Paid Click Results 

Peter Answers  - You will believe


Fun & Card Games Web Sites 

The Zone "More than just card games"

Pogo "Fun Web Site"


TuCows Great Shareware

Shareware .com - Information and links

C-Net Shareware Quality Web Site

Z-Net Downloads and Updates

Jumbo Website of Software

Pass the Shareware - More shareware links

Pitchfork Media - Entertainment News

Photography and Photographer's Web Sites

Capture Cincinnati - Cincinnati Book Contest

JPG - JPG Website and Magazine

Dennis Camp Photography - Natural Photography

Fred Miranda's Place - Great Photographer Web Site

Fhoto Search - Some nice free works.

PBase - Photography Information and Galleries

Jim Kramer - Local Cincinnati Photographer

Melissa Howard Photographer - A world of her own.

G.P. Merfeld Photographer - Hawai`ian Culture

Aminus3 - Photographer Daily Gallery

Life in a Fish Bowl - The way of the world these days.

Shor  Park - Tealtown  Nature Preserve

Lakeside Ohio - Marblehead - Picture Blog

iprintfromhome - Recommended Photo Processing 

Photo Articles - Depth of Field Calculator

Ken Rockwell - Camera Evaluations

Nikon - Quality Cameras

Government and Information Websites

Info Almanac - Almanac Information Source

Merriam - Webster's Dictionary

Dictionary. com - For the spell challenged. 

Wikipedia - User Based Encyclopedia

Information Please - A home work website to answer questions.

American Community Survey - CENSUS 

Federal Government Agency Directory - Links

Federal Government - Service Search Page

States and Local Government - Links Page

Cincinnati Events Traditions 

Taste of Cincinnati - Oldest Food Festival in the USA

Cincinnati May Festival - Oldest Choral Festival

Summerfair - Arts and Crafts Event

Holy Cross Immaculata Church - Good Friday Tradition  

Balluminaria - Eden Park Hot Air Balloon Glow

Cincinnati 365 - Things to Do in Cincinnati Ohio

Findlay Market - Old Time Grocery Market

Arnold's Bar and Grill - Oldest Bar in Cincinnati


All of the links on this page are for the fun and enjoyment of our friends and the public. 
If you find a broken link or if you wish to add one please feel free to drop us an email and we will give it some thought.

For the finest art works on the internet try Lindy's

2007 Capture Cincinnati Book Cover
Cover Picture by Dennis Camp

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