TyMax Consulting

SEO Website Optimization Since 1997

TyMax is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working with customers in the Internet marketing business. Dennis our CEO has a deep knowledge of SEO, with endless nights checking and reading search engine requirements to index websites.


Internet marketing and SEO was all new in 1994 and ever evolving this was before Google. Watching the changes on how the search engines indexed was a hobby/passion on mine. Endless hours of studying how all the search engines would index a website.


TyMax has a proven strong history of providing customers and friends website ( SEO) digital optimization during the ever evolving search engine algorithm changes. Complete results and problem solving of Internet presence is what we do, with a passion. It has been interesting watching search engine results for over 25 years.


We have provided our customers for over 25 years with Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work, Never Forgetting Where You Come From, Ethics. Wise cost effective SEO solutions makes your complicated Websites into a strong ROI marketing tool for our customer friends.

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