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TyMax Consulting Offers a Wide Selection of Special Websites consulting and advice for select customers. We Specialize in Welding Automation and Weld Fabrication Companies. Also I consult on photographer's photography websites. We only except customers based on what plans are desired that may not fit our standards.

Once we made Basic Websites for Friends and Family who want to log onto your own Home Page for email. Many of these websites were used for family events and pictures to share with others. We also offered Website up keep to help people's Website updated with anything that needs changing. We only do that now for a select group of customers. We have grown and so has demand for my time.

Many current Website owners contact us wanting us to review and consult with them. They want to know how to improve their Internet marketing. You can contact us and we can perhaps set up a review for your current Web Site. We can help some groups with planning where to host your website. We aslo consult on setup of the website so you can be easily found on search engines. We do all types of work to help you chose wisely when setting up your company or personal internet address.

Our goal is provding service to our customers who then become our friends. - Email Us

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