TyMax Consulting

SEO Website Optimization Since 1997

One of the pioneers on the Internet with what is now called SEO and Digital Internet Marketing.


TyMax has provided our customers a lasting quality reputation websites for 25 years. Building Weld Plus Inc. website in 1996 and implementing a Internet marketing plan in 1997 as well many other website digital projects enhancement over time. Our CEO Dennis has always used White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 1996. Honest internet marketing strategies equals quality results. 


My main focus is helping companies fully understand how a Internet marketing progtram can truly enhance a company's current outside sales and marketing program. Seeking business from outside as well as our Internet. Successful programs have the two teams working in concert for success.


Dennis has been providing people and company’s website knowledge of the Internet and social media marketing for many years. Helping customers establish an online presence or improve your organization or company internet marketing goals.


Award winning Photography and Videography for over 50 years. This allows us to provide complete services for our customers. Specializing in many forms of photography to enhance our customers digital media foot print.


We use photographing events, products, services to market our customers. We use videography with social media as well as websites. These help market customer services and products via the Internet distal media.


I do less of the photography and videography these days. I always work with professionals I have grown to trust. When needed for these projects to succeed.

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