Photos by Dennis Camp

The below pictures are from my old HP-213 which equates to a digital Holga.
I maybe adding more pictures taken in later years, you can see more at my website.

anderson-morn-wheel-flag.jpg (75378 bytes)
Anderson Ferry Flag 2001

The picture is of the American Flag on the Anderson Ferry on a early morning in the fall of the year 2001
ferry-fog.JPG (151229 bytes)
Anderson Ferry Early Morning Fog
dogwood.JPG (47826 bytes)
Early Morning Dog Woods in Bloom.
rainbow-clermont.JPG (51445 bytes)
Rainbow Over Clermont County

This is a nice picture of a double rainbow over Clermont County. The picture was taken on Round Bottom Rd. in May of 2001 
fireworks-2001.JPG (33196 bytes)
River Fest 2001

This picture is looking trough the arch way entering the Serpentine Wall from the Eastern River front. The event is WEBN Fire works 2001
fireworks-2001a.JPG (46761 bytes)
WEBN Fire Works River Fest 2001
butterfly.JPG (21371 bytes)
A butter fly in Bob's Botanical gardens 
cnc-field.JPG (36558 bytes)
Cincinnati Nature Center

The picture is of the grass land area in the eastern part of Cincinnati Nature Center. The picture was taken during the evening hours sometime around fall of 2001
mindys-lillys.jpg (27380 bytes)
Mindy's Picture of Bob's Water Lilies
bobs-lillys.jpg (42778 bytes)
Bob's Picture of his Water Lilies.
Morning.JPG (25456 bytes)
Early Morning Sunrise on Hilton Head Beach

Labor Day Fire Works.

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