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TyMax is not your typical SEO or Digital Internet marketing sales consulting and training company. We do not want to be typical; we offer unique special service to select customers who need our help.


Not many digital internet marketing started in their Cincinnati, Ohio basement office in the early 1990s. Learning SEO and website optimization from the ground up as provided us with skills not found at other companies offering website SEO or Digital internet marketing companies.


Having worked both customer service inside sales as well in outside sales for many years in the 80s and 90s. I knew there had to be a better way to get a chance to serve customers.It was not going to be Telemarketing or cold call outside sales.


Dennis our CEO knew the internet had much to offer with providing himself and customers ROI with easy quick information like never before, it really worked. The Internet has become the new business highway. Match that with a company of knowledgeable   people and you can increase profits while reducing costs. We know it works, we live it every day.


If your company has not tried Digital internet marketing due to cost or just confusion on where to start, we can help. Having the experience of starting the Internet work plan from the ground we know how you feel. We take time to listen and learn about your company and needs. We explain how digital marketing or SEO website optimization will work for your requirements.


We can evaluate your needs, offer strategies and solutions based on many years of traditional as well as digital internet marketing. As well as helping people with tweaking current digital marketing plans to improve the sales profits. If you are an industrial manufacturing company we offer insights that we have learned over 40 years


Professional personal services provided to our valued customers who need more than a website, we offer internet marketing strategies. Solutions for improving current marketing for higher ROI using Digital Internet Marketing strategies customized for your needs.


Learning the digital world while skill while working bricks and mortar industrial welding automation sales offers insight others do not have to provide. TyMax specializes in helping companies in the industrial manufacturing niche with proven digital internet marketing strategies  increase sales and profits. Whole programs or minor tweaking options are availabefor all products and services.


We do provide other types of websites that are optimized with the proper White Hat SEO that we have been doing since the start. Offering services to Non-profits as well as customer and people who need our services on a tight budget. TyMax gives back by helping communities, churches and people with donated time and services. It is about paying forward.


If you think we can help you please get in touch with us and we can talk about what your needs might be and if we can provide you cost effective tailored Digital marketing and website SEO consulting services

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