A humming bird feeder at sun set.

Unique Pictures

Harvest Time
Grain silos are being filled with the morning Moon in the back ground, River Road Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Marblehead Light House

Anderson Ferry Morning
Picture on the Anderson Ferry early one morning. 

Ohio River Over Looking Cincinnati
This picture is of the Ohio River Looking west towards downtown Cincinnati during one evening sunset.  
blk-cabin.JPG (15534 bytes)blk-bw-cabin.JPG (12841 bytes)blk-cabin-front.JPG (14481 bytes)
Above are pictures of Dr. Wm. Kelso's Slave Cabins. They were built at his home in Charlottesville Virginia in the in the late 1980s to prove his theory of why he had located so many nails in between the slave cabins at Monticello. Dr. Kelso went on to find the original location of Jamestown once thought lost forever.
The picture to the left is of a Altar in Hocking Hills Ohio. Taken early spring on a spring morning trip.

cnc-tree-4.JPG (221842 bytes)
A boy looks into the fork of a 5 trunk tree.
Its in the Cincinnati nature Center, Rowe Woods


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