Below are just of our favorite pictures we have taken over the past few years. Please enjoy the pictures but don't take any with out asking.

buster-puppy.jpg (27159 bytes)
This picture is of my first own dog Buster. The friend was given to me by a close friend. He was a Lhasa Apso. This picture was taken when he was about 12 weeks old.
sunset2.jpg (11741 bytes)
Lake Erie Early Morning Sunrise.

This picture was taken one early morning off the point of Marble Head Ohio near the Light House.

boat-morning3.JPG (204388 bytes)
Shrimp Boat Sun Rise

Early Morning sunrise off Hilton Head with a shrimp boat heading along the shore picking up its catch for the day

collins-river-view.jpg (28034 bytes)
Ohio River View

This is a picture of the Ohio River from our old house on Collins Street. The picture was taken some time around 1992. The house had a great view of the river in both directions. This is one of many I took from the deck.
fishing.jpg (9040 bytes)
Lake Erie Perch Fishing

This picture was taken one early morning off the point of Marblehead Peninsula Ohio. The sun is peaking out and you can see a fleet of perch fisher men enjoying the catch. I took many pictures of that area of Ohio in the mid 80's till the mind 90's. The area has changed a great deal but still has Lakeside, Ohio which remains timeless.
lakeside-door.JPG (118194 bytes)
Lakeside Front Door
hboatmorn.jpg (15747 bytes)
Dale Hallow Evening


Im000767.jpg (109856 bytes)
Anderson Ferry

This picture is of Anderson Ferry on a early morning trip from Kentucky to Ohio. I rode the Ferry to save time when there was a great deal of construction in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. This and the next picture on some of the many pictures of Anderson Ferry and also of the Ohio River Early in the morning.
early-morning-sun.jpg (49311 bytes)
Early Morning Sunrise on Ohio River

These are some of many pictures that I took while riding the Anderson Ferry across the Ohio River in the early morning hours. I hope to soon have a web page showing Anderson Ferry and its surroundings.


early-morning-sunrize-2.JPG (55640 bytes)
Early Morning Ohio River
mo-looking-up.jpg (117281 bytes)
Mo the horse dog


ty-holding-maxbaby.jpg (15545 bytes)
Tyler Holding Max

This picture is of my oldest son holding his younger brother the evening of his birthday.

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