Anderson Ferry
Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

We will be having a new web site soon showing more current pictures of the Ferry from both sides of the river as well as i the middle of course. Anderson Ferry Main Website.
af-barn-kentucky.JPG (43931 bytes)
The Red Barn Kentucky side of the Ferry.

Anderson Ferry is a very old ferry that runs between Anderson Ferry Road, Cincinnati, Ohio to Route 8 in Northern Kentucky. Its the quickest way for folks from Kentucky to get to the Western Side of Cincinnati and West Siders to get to Northern Kentucky and the Airport.

af-ky-side.JPG (50260 bytes)
Morning view looking east from Kentucky side.


af-littleboone.JPG (26268 bytes)
Little Boone Ferry Boat


af-deborah-boat.JPG (31946 bytes)
Deborah A Ferry Boat
af-littleboone-dawn.JPG (27860 bytes)
Dawn looking over the old side wheeler.

af-boat-railing.JPG (29084 bytes)
Morning sun shine through the cable wheels


af-pink-dawn.JPG (33655 bytes)
The sun peaking out over the Ohio River
af-ohio-side.JPG (25930 bytes)
The Ohio side of the ferry early morning.

af-passing-ferrys.JPG (33093 bytes)
Two Ferry Tugs Passing in the Morning.


anderson-morn-wheel-flag.jpg (75378 bytes)
American Flag September 2001


af-boat-deck.JPG (32537 bytes)
The deck of the ferry looking out as it heads towards Ohio


af-rates-sign.JPG (61854 bytes)
Anderson Ferry Passage Rates


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