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How we began to provide websites, SEO, social media & digital content since 1996

In The Big Bend

1994 is when I built my first Gem PC computer with 28.8k modem (3200 baud) modem so I could get onto the Internet. I had been enlightened as to how customers were using the Internet to exchange price and quality information about welders. I knew this was going to be a big marketing tool.

1996 I built my first website using Microsoft Notepad. It was a crude page that I slowly learned how to improve the webpage appearance. There were not many websites on the Internet at that time. The Internet was still a novelty, 1996 was a big year for Internet developments. Hotmail was released; Netscape 2.0 made browsing easier was released. It was the first browser to support JavaScript. Searching for things was not easy till Yahoo had only been operating for a year.

I changed jobs after 18 years and the new company I went to work for sold welding positioning equipment, both new and used. I saw the Internet medium could benefit my new company. I asked Jack the owner and he said if I build one Weld Plus would pay me sales commissions. The first webpage was hosted on Choice.net/weldplus. Shortly after due to its success weldplus.com was purchased and established.

During my almost 23 years at Weld Plus I built websites and later focused on SEO in order to ensure we would be found in the ever growing websites now coming to the Internet. I was the company webmaster and developed a Internet marketing plan that helped the company build an international presence. During this time I built websites for many other entities from cities to nonprofits originations.

Now I help companies and friends with digital Internet marketing programs to improve their digital foot print. We also guide our dedicated partner websites designers with our customers to ensure a successful project. I help people be found on the ever growing Internet with SEO and website optimizing. Since 1996 we have met many customers who are now friends as well as active clients. Our select valued customers take up the majority of our time. If you think we can help you please email us and we will talk if we can help

Our goal is provding service to our customers who then become our friends. - Email Us

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